Friday, 24 February 2012

Hunger Games Read Along Chapter 14

Our heroine is caught in a tree with the Careers and Peeta waiting for her on the ground below. Katniss spots Rue in a tree opposite her, and she is pointing at something above Katniss' head; it is a Tracker Jacker nest. Monstrous tracker killing wasps! She wants to cut the branch and send the nest several layers down to the ground to get rid of the Careers and Peeta, however, her hands are too sore and swollen after the fire that she has to retreat to her camp, leaving the nest be.
To her surprise she has received her first sponsor gift which is medicine for her burning marks which cools in down immediately. Before releasing the wasps at dawn, Katniss alerts Rue and she sees Rue disappear, leaping from tree to tree. 
She releases the wasps with a few stings herself but there is total panic and chaos on the ground. The Careers and Peeta flees to the river, however, the leave behind Glimmer who eventually dies from the wasp attack. Katniss remembers that Glimmer had the silver bow so she tries to grab it but Glimmer's body is not cooperating and Katniss' hallucinations starts. The other Careers and Peeta returns, and Peeta tells her to run for her life. 
Before the hallucinations get the best of her, she cannot help but to think that Peeta just saved her life!

Wow, what an awesome chapter with so much going on! Who would have though little Rue could roam the tree tops like a monkey? And is Peeta working with the Careers? Or is it just for survival? And will Katniss and Rue find each other again and form a team? What happens next? So many questions!

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