Sunday, 29 January 2012

Angel Evolution Review

Title: Angel Evolution
Author: David Estes
Publisher:, 2011
Genre: Fantasy, YA
Rate: 4/5 – I liked it!
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I received this book to review for the ReadIt&Reap program in the ShutUp&Read group on

Angel Evolution is book number one in the Evolution Trilogy, and it has you hooked from the very beginning. Taylor and her best friend Sam are roommates in college. They just started their freshmen year, and they are excited about all the freedom they now have, away from their parents. However, since little, Taylor has been having nightmares about a black snake with red eyes, and the nightmares do not end in her favour. Suddenly two beings enter her dream and Taylor’s life changes forever. One of them is Gabriel, one of the hottest boys on campus, and he wants her. But is he being completely honest with her?

I adore novels with angels and demons. Sadly they are becoming the new vampires. However, David Estes’ plot takes you where you have not been before.  It is beautifully written, the flowing of the writing takes you from chapter to chapter, and along with the change of character point of views you simply cannot put this book down! Especially not if you are a YA fan!

I especially liked this book because I have not read any YA from a male author before, so it was very interesting to see which details he would highlight.  And without revealing too much I like that it is not your common Angel versus Demons kind of thing.  My favourite character through this book was Chris, the demon. I was not that fond of Taylor, Sam or Gabriel, the angel. But that is just me. I am not fond of most people in real life either. I am really looking forward to be reading book number two!

I recommend this book to every YA fan out there, it is a must read!!

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