Wednesday, 25 January 2012

No Rules of Engagement Review

Title: No Rules of Engagement
Author: Thomas Wilson
Publisher:, 2011
Genre: Sci-fi
Rate: 3/5 – It Is Okay
Get it here: Kindle US

I received a Kindle eBook version from the author in order to review it.

Eight-year-old Alexander does not like when people touch him, in fact he killed another kid just for doing so. One day when he is busy looking at his fire ants taking out a colony of regular ants, a guy from the army requires his attention. Alexander has been picked to battle against an unknown alien enemy in the future.

My .mobi version which was downloaded from contained several errors which made it quite annoying to read. There were several words missing, and the point of view changed a couple of times from third person to first person. I think it is sad that the book has been published with these mistakes as it removes some of the professional feeling, as if it has been rushed. In my opinion there were more telling and showing as well, including several repetitions such as the water bottle.

One of my main concerns with this book was the main character Alexander Hawk. I know it says that his IQ is off the scale, but come on. An eight-year-old knows more about warfare than a general? And the fact that he smokes cigarettes, and his extreme egoism do not make him a likeable character. Needless to say when he talks about his girlfriend and those kinds of things. It is just weird, and not something you expect from his age.

However, I enjoyed how the plot twisted in the end, it was a pleasant surprise and I am looking forward to be reading book no. 2 when it is published. 

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